Press Release

Avusa Media LIVE and Habari Media part on good terms




Issued by: Avusa Media LIVE

A positive, two-year association with Habari Media came to an end on 31 March 2011 as Avusa Media LIVE (AML) officially regains exclusive ownership of its internal digital sales division, which services all of Avusa Media’s digital news brands including Times LIVE, Sowetan LIVE and Business LIVE.
“Habari Media was initially brought on board in 2009 to sell ad space for AML’s fledging website, recently re-launched as Sowetan LIVE,” says Elmarie Vermeulen, sales manager for AML. “Their results were outstanding and saw them awarded the opportunity to continue selling ad space across a spectrum of Cape Town-based clients in our portfolio.”

Under Vermeulen’s supervision, the AML digital sales division has its eye firmly set on growing advertising revenue and rolling out commercial strategies more efficiently and effectively.

“From a business perspective, it makes sound financial sense to contain a sales division as an integrated part of Avusa Media LIVE,” adds Elan Lohmann, general manager of AML. “And our ongoing Avusa Media LIVE business strategy is to ensure that we centralise as many if not all our key business functions.”

Adrian Hewlett, managing director of Habari Media, concludes, “We’ve enjoyed a great working relationship with the team and while this is a small parting of ways on some fronts we continue to work with Avusa Media in other areas. Together we look forward to doing great work in the digital space.”